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    Corporate Consulting and Course Descriptions

Staying Competitive
Managing Change

To survive and thrive in today's market, an organization must be adaptable, flexible, and innovative. Your corporate culture must facilitate the development of new ideas and the sharing of valuable knowledge. The professionals at ILDC, Inc. can help your company forge dynamic strategies to meet the demands of the new economy, while charting a course for your future success.


The team at ILDC, Inc. believes there are no limits to success. The only limit to a successful future is poor planning. Are you managing by crisis, or through strategy? Let ILDC, Inc. develop and implement realistic Strategic Planning for your company's future.

Good planning starts with a solid team. ILDC, Inc. can help focus your management staff with innovative Executive Coaching and Leadership Development techniques, developed by a diverse group of leaders. Our trainers are experienced and studied consultants who have been exposed to many of the diverse management challenges facing business today. Tapping the true power of an organization's people is just the start, forming them into an effective management team takes skill. Let ILDC, Inc. mold your organization's staff into a team that can lead you into the future.

Keeping up or Ahead?
Our seminar topics include:

Making it Work
Cross-Cultural Issues/Diversity Training

Issues of diversity and cultural difference are a major source of great opportunity and potential confusion in today's workplace. Modern social science sheds light on issues such as ethnic identity, gender differences, race, and the interplay between how different people see the need to maintain positive relationships and the necessities of time and task. This course explores the depths of these issues and assists participants in acquiring the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to maximize the personal and professional benefits of living and working cross-culturally in a diverse environment.

ILDC, Inc. will tailor our resources to meet your needs. We can assess your agency's issues, while at the same time exposing the strengths of your organization. Position your company for the success it deserves, make ILDC, Inc. your "success partner" today.


Team Building/Effective Human Interaction Skills/Communication Skills
These courses identify the elements of effective human interaction in a team environment, such as communication skills, tact, diplomacy, interpersonal relationship building, teambuilding and trust. Participants will be able to improve their performance in the area of getting along with others by self-knowledge and practicing winning interpersonal skills.

Conflict Management/Dealing with Difficult People
These interactive courses begin by exploring the "A-B-C's" of interpersonal conflict. Participants learn the connection between primary emotions, secondary emotions, affective responses and conflict behavior. Levels of human behavior and stages of conflict of intensity are defined and explained. Each person will be able to identify their "conflict modality" as define by the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Indicator and practice adaptive behaviors for preventing conflict escalation through resolving or managing conflict.

Negotiation Skills/Customer Satisfaction Training
Based on the best-selling book "Getting to Yes" by Fisher and Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Project of the Harvard Business School, these courses teaches participants the difference between positional bargaining (haggling) and principled negotiation. Opportunity to practice essential skills reinforces theory presented. Customer Satisfaction, defined as adding value through the personal touch, is the thrust of our customer service training programs.

Effective Public Speaking/Train-the-Trainer Programs
What does it take to be able to speak well in public? This course reviews the tried and true methods used by such groups as Toastmasters International, Dale Carnegie, and the Johns Hopkins University MBA Program's course in managerial communication to teach participants how to effectively speak in public. Time for practice and constructive feedback help participants to apply lessons learned. Video taped assignments with feedback available.